Jeffrey Sarti Featured in Financial Advisor Magazine – When Researching Alternative Products, Look For ‘Red Flags,’ Experts Say



The allure of alternative investments — potential gains that are uncorrelated with stock and bond price movements — is not without risks that investors need to be aware of, a panel of experts told advisors during a breakout session at the 6th Annual Inside Alternatives Conference in Denver.

The event, sponsored by Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines July 13-14, drew over 600 financial industry professionals.

Jeffrey Sarti, co-president of Morton Capital, a Calabasas, Calif.-based RIA firm, told the audience that he looks for smaller and niche investment opportunities in real estate to create true diversification and cash flow “in this stupidly low interest rate environment.”

Sarti said he tends to concentrate on funds with $50 million to $150 million in assets. The advantages of this focus are more targeted opportunities and less competition. The disadvantages are increased operational and business risks that are inherent in investing with smaller organizations. “We have to ensure that these smaller funds have appropriate levels of oversight,” he said.

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